Current affair of 4th September, 2019

Asia VR based Advanced Driver Training Simulator Centre launched

Asia's 5th Generation Virtual Reality based Advanced Driver Training Simulator Centre launched by Rtn G Chandramohan, Rotary Governor, Rotary International District 3232, at the Automobile Association of Southern India Centre (AASI) Chennai.AASI train 200 Ambulance drivers free of cost, under Safe Drivers Campaign

Key highlights:
  1. The patented simulator designed and developed by Chennai based Red Chariots Technologies Pvt Ltd 
  2. They develop the hardware and software, emulating the Indian driving standards and road conditions.Existing drivers make use of this simulator to learn the advanced techniques of driving and implement it in their day to day driving style.
  3. The specialized training module drivers learn to anticipate adverse situations on the road and make safe decisions with minimum to no risk for self and general public on road.
  4. The training session is a combination of level-based practical learning modules coupled with self-learning theory modules through an interactive e-learning quiz app built in-house.
Fourth South Asian Speakers Summit organised in Maldives

Fourth South Asian Speakers Summit on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) held in Malé, the Maldives from September 1-2, jointly organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the People’s Majlis(the single legislative body of the Maldives). The summit attended by Secretary-General of the IPU, Martin Chungong and senior lawmakers from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Key highlights:
  1. The Indian delegation was led by Om Birla, 17th Lok sabha speaker and the RajyaSabha’s Deputy Chairman Harivansh Narayan Singh.
  2. The Malé declaration rejects Pakistan’s Kashmir issue concerns:  The Malé declaration ignored Pakistan delegate QasimSuri’s concern on bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh into Union Territories(UT), raised during the summit citing the reasons that the issue wasn’t part of the summit’s agenda.
  3. The agenda for the summit was on equal pay, youth employment, nutrition, food security and delivering the Paris agreement on climate change.The summit hold discussions on the themes
  4. Promoting equality at work including equal remuneration and creating jobs for young people
ESA and NASA partners for asteroid deflection

The European space agency (ESA) has announced its plan to partner with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to stop asteroids hitting Earth. The teams from both the space agencies will meet in Rome in the month of September. The teams will discuss to deflect the potentially threatening asteroids away from colliding with the planet.

Key highlights:
  1. In the meet, Asteroid researchers and spacecraft engineers are to propose the Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment (AIDA) which is a viable method of planetary defence. according to the ambitious technique, one spacecraft will be sent to hit an asteroid and another will be sent out to obverse and gather data from the crash site.
  2. The asteroid researchers aim for the smaller body of the double Didymos asteroids between Earth and Mars.
  3. For this purpose, NASA is building the Double Asteroid Impact Test, or Dart spacecraft, which has been scheduled to launch in 2021. DART will reach its target at 6.6 km/s in September 2022.
  4. DART will be accompanied by an Italian-made miniature CubeSat called LICIACube. This will travel alongside to capture the moment of impact.
Japanese woman gets worlds 1st stem cell corneal transplant

Japan woman becomes the first person in the world to receive a corneal transplant made from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS). The treatment was successfully carried out by a team of researchers led by ophthalmologist Kohji Nishida at Osaka University.

Key highlights:
  1. Generally, the damaged or diseased corneas are treated using tissue from donors who have died. But in this case, the researchers created sheets of corneal cells from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.
  2. These IPS cells were made by reprogramming adult skin cells from a donor into an embryonic-like state from which they can transform into other cell types, such as corneal cells.
  3. After the transplant, the woman’s cornea remained clear and her vision had improved.
  4. The cornea of the eye is the transparent or clear front part of the eye that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber of the eye.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to award PM Modi

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced the Global Goalkeeper Award 2019 for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The award recognizes his goal-oriented venture plan Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Along with PM Modi, 10 other individuals are to be awarded for their great work.

Key highlights:
  1. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or the Clean India Mission was introduced as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on October 2 in 2014.
  2. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan meant to make India the Open Defecation Free (ODF) by 2019.
  3. It ensures to provide sanitation facilities to all. The campaign will be completed by 2 October 2019 to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
  4. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private foundation in the world, is a private establishment founded in 2000
India announces contribution of 22 millions USD to GFTAM for 6th replenishment cycle

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi India announced a contribution of 22 million US Dollars to the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFTAM) for the 6th replenishment cycle.

Key highlights:
  1. Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare stated that India stands firm to its long-standing partnership with the Global Fund and its commitment to eliminate AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.India’s pledge for the Global Fund strongly demonstrates its strong political leadership to achieve the universal health for all and its equally strong commitment to work across borders to join hands in fighting the epidemics of these three diseases.
  2. India is the first implementing country to host a replenishment milestone of the Global Fund become first among G20, BRICS and implementer countries to announce the pledge for the 6th Replenishment Conference, setting precedent for other donors to contribute India inched a step closer in this direction by stepping up the Global Fund efforts to strengthen health systems and save 16 million more lives across the globe.
  3. India shared a sustained partnership with the Global Fund since 2002 both as a recipient and as a donor. Global Fund support with the investment of US $ 2.0 billion so far has made a significant contribution in attaining targets related to HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria reduction and escalating our fight against these three diseases. In the current funding cycle (2018-21), the Global Fund allocated US$ 500 million to India. India contributed US$ 46.5 million so far till 2019 including US$ 20 million for the 5th Replenishment.
Cabinet approves Rs.9300 crore capital infusion for IDBI Bank

The Cabinet has approved a capital infusion plan worth Rs.9,300 crore for IDBI Bank. The bank will get the amount from its parent, Life Insurance Corp. of India. The aim of the move is to help narrow IDBI's losses and boost its lending capacity.

Key highlights:
  1. The Cabinet cleared the IDBI Bank recapitalization plan with one-time infusion assets by the administration and Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) and shares of IDBI Bank jumped as much as 10.84% after the declaration.
  2. The fund infusion will empower IDBI Bank to come back to benefit and give the option of recovering its investment at an opportune time.
  3. The government will provide a one-time recapitalization of Rs.4,557 crore to IDBI Bank and LIC will infuse Rs.4,743 crore. LIC has a 51% share in IDBI Bank where 49% is with the government.
  4. In August 2018, LIC bought a 51% stake in IDBI Bank from the government and infused ₹21,000 crore into it to revive the lender.
PM has begun his 3 day visit to Russia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun his three-day trip to Russia on 3 September. PM Modi along with Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Russian Zvezda shipbuilding complex. He is the first Indian prime minister to visit the Russian Far East Region.

Key highlights:
  1. The visit would give an incredible chance to find Russia's excellent abilities in the shipbuilding division just as investigate conceivable outcomes of collaboration.
  2. During his visit, the PM will hold India-Russia 20th Annual Summit talks with President Putin. Also, Mr.Modi has been invited to attend the Eastern Economic Forum. Also, Modi and Putin are expected to discuss a gamut of bilateral and regional issues.
  3. The visit of Modi and Russian president will consent to arrangements sectors such as defense, trade, investments, industrial cooperation, energy and connectivity corridors at the summit.
Chandrayaan 2 completed 2 successive deorbiting maneuvers for the Moon landing

India's Chandrayaan-2 effectively finished two successive de-orbiting maneuvers. The second de-orbiting maneuver was successfully completed on 4 September. It is now all set to land on the moon anytime on September 7.

Key highlights:
  1. The next activity is the separation of the Vikram lander from the orbiter to setup lander arrival in the south polar area of the moon.
  2. The Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) manoeuvre which was carried out now by ISRO is not new as Chandrayaan-1 mission has carried out the operation. But, the soft landing of Chandrayaan-2 will be a milestone for ISRO as it has never carried out the mission before.
  3. Upon successful landing, the rover Pragyan will roll out from the lander on 7 September. It will carry out experiments on the lunar surface for 14 days.
ESIC ties up with SBI for DBT facility

Employees State Insurance Corporation partnered with State Bank of India for direct transfer of benefits electronically into bank accounts of all stakeholders.

Key highlights:
  1. The bank would provide e-payment integration with the enterprise resource planning processes of ESIC through its cash management product e- payment technology platform.
  2. The e-payment integration would affect statutory benefit payments to ESIC beneficiaries The new system will benefit all stakeholders of ESIC.
  3. The agreement signed between the two departments SBI Mill provide e-payment services directly to bank accounts of all ESIC beneficiaries and payees Without any manual intervention as an integrated and automated process.
Qatar unveils 2022 FIFA World Cup logo round the globe

Qatar unveiled the logo for the 2022 World Cup. It will hosted by the Gulf emirate displaying it in public spaces in Doha and cities around the world.

Key highlights:
  1. The design is a stylised Arabic white unisex shawl with maroon patterning. It displayed in a figure-of-eight symbolising infinity while creating a heart shape above the words FIFA WORLD CUP Qatar 2022
  2. The logo is very elegant and showing local culture with the burgundy colour of the Qatari flag, Algerian hospitality worker Mourad Bencheikh.
  3. The emblem was also displayed in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Beirut along with several other major cities.The Qatari organisers inspired by traditional woollen shawls worn during the winter months.
  4. The 2022 event will be held in November and December to avoid the scorching Gulf summer.It is designed by late British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid and located in a coastal town south of Doha is estimated to have cost around $575 million.
Steve Smith claimed the top spot in ICC Test Rankings

Indian captain Virat Kohli got second in the ICC Test Rankings. The overall score is 76 in the first innings this year. Smith is on the top spot. August 2018 when Smith serving a ban for his role in the Newlands ball-tampering scandal that Kohli overtook him on the charts.

Key highlights:
  1. Kohli will have to wait until October when South Africa visit India for a Test series before he can challenge Smith again.
  2. India's Ajinkya Rahane returned to the top 10 rising four places to No.7.
  3. Hanuma Vihari described by Kohli as the find of the series shot up 40 places to No.30 after just six Tests.
  4. Jasprit Bumrah’s impressive showing in the West Indies Bumrah. He is the player-of-the-series finished with 13 wickets to his name in the two Tests.
  5. He is now only behind Australia's Pat Cummins and South Africa's Kagiso Rabada.
Yutu 2 found gel like substance in the far side of Moon

China's lunar rover Yutu-2 has found a strange gel-like substance during its exploration activities on the far side of the moon.

Key highlights:
  1. The Chang-e-4 lander and Yutu-2 rover landed on the other side of the moon in January. It became the first spacecraft to reach the unexplored region of Earth's only satellite.
  2. Scientists believe that the far side of the moon has unique features never before explored on site.
  3. Chang-e 4 is a robotic spacecraft mission. It is part of the second phase of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program.
IGI gets Indias tallest ATC Tower

Union Minister of state for civil aviation Hardeep Singh Puri inaugurated a new air traffic control (ATC) tower at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

Key highlights:
  1. The cost of the ATC tower is Rs.350 crore. The tower consists of three buildings: the aerodrome control tower, area approach control services building, and the administrative block.
  2. The tower is facilitated with modern air navigation systems and advanced automation systems. This will enhance safety and the capacity of air traffic operations.
  3. The height of the ATC tower is 101.9 metres. The tower aims to reduce the pressure on controllers and provide relief to flyers from delays. The tower has over 45 workstations with better operational area visibility. The tower has multilayered security.
A new book entitled First They Erased Our Name A Rohingya Speaks

A new book entitled First They Erased Our Name: A Rohingya Speaks book journalist Sophie Ansel(France) released by Penguin Random House on September 9, 2019.

Key highlights:
  1. The book explains about the Rohingya community through the eyes of a Rohingya, Habiburahman who was born and raised in a small village in western Burma in 1979 grew up stateless with his people when their own country’s military leader ordered that Rohingya were not one among the 135 recognized ethnic groups that formed the 8 national races.
  2. Millions of Rohingya people left their homes since the year 1982.
  3. The Myanmar government rapids the process of ethnic cleansing in 2016 & 2017 and about 600,000 Rohingya were forced to cross the border into Bangladesh.
Sitharaman led panel to study proposal to ban e cigarette sales in India

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman-led panel has been set up to study a Health Ministry proposal to ban e-cigarette sales in India through an ordinance. Health Ministry said that the chemicals that are used in e-cigarettes as solvents are hazardous and cause fatal effects. If the government announces an ordinance, it should be replaced with a bill in the next session of Parliament.

Key highlights:
  1. The panel includes Ministers from ministries such as commerce, health, agriculture, chemicals and petrochemicals, and food processing departments.
  2. In 2018, the Health Ministry has issued an advisory favouring a ban on sales and advertisements of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), e-cigarettes. It also proposed a jail term of up to a year and Rs.1 lakh fine for first-time offenders.
  3. A government data said that in India there are more than 460 e-cigarette brands with various configurations of nicotine delivery and in over 7,700 flavours.
Iranian army introduces a new homegrown jet-propelled drone called Kian

Iranian Army unveiled a high-precision jet-propelled drone called Kian.The capacity of carrying long-time surveillance missions and attack the targets far from the country’s borders.

Key highlights:
  1. The unmanned military drone developed in two models.It was developed by Iranian technicians of the Army
  2. The tensions between Iran and the United States President Donald Trump in 2018 withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal -2015 and reimposed sanctions on Iran.
  3. The new home-grown air defense system called Bavar-373.The US withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program reached in July 2015 .
  4. Iran, the P5+1 (the 5 Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council-China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States + Germany) and the European Union.

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