How to crack SBI PO in first attempt?

Exam Strategies for SBI PO:

Before proceeding with the strategies of SBI PO Exam, I would like to ask you to have clear knowledge of the syllabus and sections. Whenever you prepare for any exam, always go through the previous year question paper. It will help you get overall thought about the exam. After that start preparing from the topic which you like the most, it will bring more interest to learn. For every bank exam, there is only one main things apart from strategies and syllabus. You should be able to manage time to solve the question. So, always keep practicing the syllabus topics. SBI POexam is same as the IBPS exam, but this exam will be more easy than IBPS. So, you've to practice more to clear the exam.

Important: In order to clear SBI or IBPS bank exam, you must practice all the time.

Tips to prepare SBI PO exam:

Start with basic: Revise all your high school math concepts using NCERT textbooks (8th to 10th grade) and start with the topic which you like most.

Improve your Calculation Speed: Learn tables up to 20 and square roots up to 30 and cube roots up to 20. Also, learn shortcuts to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Practice Mock Tests: Practice tests including questions of varying difficulty levels to prepare you for any kind of question in the exam. Also, analyse your mock attempt, identify the weak areas and fix them.

Easiest Way to Prepare and clear the SBI PO Exam:

English Language:

By analyzing previous year question, it is easy to score 20 marks in English Language. Every person can score 5 marks on learning vocabulary in daily basis.  If you feel tough to learn vocabulary, you can leave the Vocabulary part and focus on learning the other topics which is grammar, Reading Comprehension and verbal ability i.e Para Jumble. Always remember, if you decide to leave the Vocabulary part, keep practicing the other topics of the English language section.

1. Vocabulary
2. Grammar
3. Reading Comprehension
4. Para-Jumble

If you feel difficult any part of the above topics, try to concentrate and learn the other topics effectively.

Numerical Ability:

Tips to prepare quants(Numerical Ability) section:

1. Memorize the tables till 30, square values till 30, cube values till 30.
2. Learn less time consuming shortcut to proceed the multiplication and division.
3. Learn the percentage to fraction values.
4. Keep practicing.

Some people will find difficult to learn all the quants topics. In that case, you can learn the below topics in the smartest way.

1. Data interpretation.
2. Simplification
3. Number series
4. Quadratic equation
5. Data sufficiency
6. Profit and loss

Reasoning Ability:

1. Seating arrangement(circle and linear)
2. Coding and decoding
3. Inequality
4. Alphanumeric series
5. Syllogism
6. Order and Ranking.

Current affairs:

When you start preparing for Current affairs, always try to prepare for the last 6 months or 1 year. And also attend current affairs quiz from different websites, it will help you to remember the answers and incidents. While attending quiz always remember to go through the explanation.

Computer Aptitude:

In this section, you can learn the topics which is provided below. Regarding the Computer Aptitude topics and study materials will be uploaded soon.

1. MS Office
2. Computer Hardware
3. Computer Software
4. Computer Memory
5. Internet
6. Networking
7. Others

Keep practicing and learn the topics everyday, very soon you will see your day of success. Hard work never fails. I hope the above information will help you well. If you have any queries, please contact us or comment below. Thank you.

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